With a resolute focus structured on Safety, Health, Professionalism and Economic Stability, Hawaiʻi Events Coalition serves the well-being of the businesses and individuals who make up the LIVE EVENTS INDUSTRY throughout the State of Hawaiʻi.

About Us

by | Mar 11, 2021

Faced with the complete shutdown of the live event industry due to COVID-19, a small group of like-minded Hawaiʻi professionals already affiliated with #WeMakeEvents, a worldwide initiative originated in the United Kingdom, came together in April 2020 to direct their expertise toward saving not just their own businesses but every facet of live events statewide.

The staggering loss of revenue, coupled with the looming loss of world-renowned local talent in all sectors of live events and entertainment, were not at the forefront of anyone’s minds except those in the industry itself; businesses and individuals affected by a series of confusing executive orders and misinformation about the COVID-19 virus’ short- and long-term effects were left with no clear recovery plan and became virtually invisible.

Hawaiʻi Events Coalition seeks to change this. Its mission is clear: work with other live event industry professionals, work with federal and state agencies and their legislators and councilmembers, and work with the public to effectively bring the industry’s far-reaching plight to the forefront so our islands can get back to work in Structured Live Event settings founded on safety, health, professionalism and economic stability.