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Millions of dollars of Rent & Utility Relief funds are still in the coffers of Hawaiʻi’s counties, causing concern that not everyone who is eligible has applied. With the Federal moratorium on evictions ending this month and the State’s moratorium on evictions ending in August, the counties are baffled by the lack of applications for funds that are clearly needed to keep families in their homes.

Further, in order to keep all the funds in Hawaiʻi going forward, at least two-thirds of these funds must be spent by September 30, a deadline set by the Feds. Given the great need, state officials encourage anyone who qualifies to apply as soon as possible.

Anita Hofschneider of Honolulu Civil Beat reports that “The National Equity Atlas estimates 26,000 Hawaii individuals and families are behind on rent and need more than $140 million in subsidies. More than 18,000 are on Oahu, 2,800 on Hawaii island, 2,700 on Maui and 1,000 on Kauai.”

Potential applicants may be intimidated by the documentation necessary to apply but it’s well worth the effort. It’s important to reach out to business leaders, community support groups or church associations to get help; it’s important for business leaders, community groups and church associations to help their neighbors get through the application process.

There’s no reason to wait to put your name in the rent relief hat. To apply, visit (Kauai) https://kauairenthelp.com/home/, (Maui) https://www.catholiccharitieshawaii.org/maui-county-rental-utility-relief-program/, (Big Island) https://bit.ly/3ygrdTD, and (Honolulu) https://www.oneoahu.org/renthelp.  A temporary closure of the oneoahu.org portal is currently in effect but the portal is expected to open in the coming days. Keep checking!

If you’ve been rejected: rejected applicants fall into a handful of categories but for the most part, rejections are issued due to incomplete documentation. If you are otherwise eligible, applying again with missing or corrected information may resolve the issue. Contact the authority that handled your case and explain your situation; they are willing to assist in most cases, though the longer you wait, the closer you are to the deadlines.

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