With a resolute focus structured on Safety, Health, Professionalism and Economic Stability, Hawaiʻi Events Coalition serves the well-being of the businesses and individuals who make up the LIVE EVENTS INDUSTRY throughout the State of Hawaiʻi.

The Hawai`i Events Coalition fully supports the new Safe Access O`ahu program, announced on Monday, August 30th, 2021. This new program allows a pathway for the live events industry to continue to operate Structured Live Events in these uncertain times.

The Hawai`i Events Coalition has been an authority on operating safe, live events since early 2021. During the COVID-19 pandemic, event professionals in Hawai`i worked to create a set of guidelines for Structured Live Events that would allow the event industry to return to work. Numerous associations and coalitions representing Events, Tourism, and Hospitality jointly presented these guidelines and were successful in bringing Structured Live Events into the re-opening strategy and Tier System for Honolulu. These guidelines allowed event professionals to conduct events in a safe and responsible manner.

Properly managed events overseen by event professionals have been operated for months with no adverse effects, returning the industry back to work, reducing the unemployment rolls, and providing purpose to thousands of event professionals. The event professionals who have completed and submitted their mitigation plan as required by the county have shown that Structured Live Events can be operated safely. There is no data to support that professionally run Structured Live Events following a viable mitigation plan contributed to community spread of COVID-19. Structured Live Events, managed by event professionals are vastly different from gatherings such as the recent, illegal house party of over 100 guests in Laie Point or the irresponsible and illegal gathering of hundreds of people at the Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline.

The Hawai`i Events Coalition represents all facets of the event industry. It was the first industry to close and has been adversely affected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past eighteen months, the Hawai`i Events Coalition has worked diligently as a partner to government to safely reopen and operate events under strict health guidelines. Throughout the pandemic the Hawai`i Events Coalition has advocated for industry-wide certifications and education in public health that supports COVID-19 safety practices wherever and whenever people gather.

The Hawai`i Events Coalition plans to work directly with Mayor Blangiardi as a partner to develop guidelines that allow the event industry to return to operating safe and responsible Structured Live Events.

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