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SBA Now Requires Pre-Registry to apply for SVOG

Announced today via email, the MBDA Business Center at UH is hosting a free webinar related to the Systems for Awards Management (SAM.gov) run by the Federal Government, which their email states is now a pre-requisite to filing for the SVOG. If your company is not yet a registered at SAM.gov, we highly recommend you attend the webinar, to be held Monday, April 5th between 10am-11:30am. There is no information at this time about the availability of an archived version for later viewing.

What is SAM.gov? It’s a business portal between several Federal Government groups who do business with private companies. SBA’s email states that companies =must= register with SAM.gov but gives no further information – the webinar will therefore be important for those who do not already have an account.

Current account holders at SAM.gov that have expiration dates ranging between April 1, 2021, and September 30, 2021 will benefit from a 180-day extension to their current registration period. This change was announced on March 29th; the extension is expected to keep website traffic to a minimum for those who might otherwise need re-register in the period when SAM.gov will accrue an unprecedented number of new registrants. So if you’re already registered but your company’s renewal falls within these dates, your extension will be automatically applied and you need not do anything further.

Click here to get to the webinar registration (you don’t need an account but should click the “SELECT TIME” button to continue), or click here to get to SAM.gov.

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