With a resolute focus structured on Safety, Health, Professionalism and Economic Stability, Hawaiʻi Events Coalition serves the well-being of the businesses and individuals who make up the LIVE EVENTS INDUSTRY throughout the State of Hawaiʻi.

Compliance and Safety

Committee Chair:

Kalani Rodrigues
Vice President
Hawaii Stage and Lighting

Established in 1976, Hawaii Stage and Lighting is a privately-owned staging, lighting, and rigging company. Throughout the years, HSLR has expanded its business and grown steadily into a wide range of markets which include corporate events, sporting events, concert tours, trade shows, theatrical productions, television and film productions, and themed attractions and environments.


The Hawaiʻi Events Coalition Safety Committee is striving to assist our peers who are planning to reopen during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The coronavirus creates different challenges depending on countless factors, including the size of the event, its geographic location, the physical space, and the anticipated attendees, to name just a few.

This committee’s purpose is to help identify reasonably foreseeable health risks and suggest options to mitigate them.


Johns Hopkins University Contact Tracing Course

Altres Wellness Tracker

National Institute of Health COVID-19

Our Recommended Tracing App

World Health Org. COVID-19

COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training

Centers for Disease Control COVID-19

Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guideline (May 2020)

Event Safety Alliance Six-Month Update (NEW)

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Latest Updates

AP: Plummeting COVID-19 Cases

AP: Plummeting COVID-19 Cases

The Associated Press reports today that new U.S. COVID-19 cases are at the lowest levels since June 2020…

We’re getting there!

We’re getting there!

As of today’s Department of Health online report, Hawaiʻi is roughly 31% closer…

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