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As of today’s Department of Health online report, Hawaiʻi is roughly 31% closer to the goal of having 70% of its population receiving at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. That means we’re edging closer to big events, and every vaccination counts! Ultimately, the Department of Health wants a minimum of 70% fully vaccinated residents, but their headline numbers are for “total vaccinations delivered”, not “total full vaccinations.” I suspect it’s because data updates mess with the report math when they come in. Go, state computer system!

So we do our own math. Here’s an example:

Honolulu: Population Estimate 769,689 x 70% = 538,782
Fully Vaccinated goal is = 538,782 x 2 doses = 1,077,564 doses (not factoring J&J 1-dose shots)
Single Dosed = 366,993 + Fully Dosed = 302,592 = Total Doses of 669,585*
Total Doses still needed for 70% = 407,979
Percentage of Population with at least one dose: 48%
Percentage of Population fully vaccinated: 39%
Doses needed for big events: AVG 48% + 39% = 43%
* Hawaiʻi DoH reports estimated county doses without external VAMS data right now; they add this only in the Statewide total. So while it’s mathematically 669,585, the state reports Honolulu only at 663,436. VAMS is the Vaccine Administration Management System at the CDC.

Fun, huh? So #hawaiieventscoalition uses the “at least one dose” method because a) that’s what the Department of Health reports in big bold numbers, b) reports go up and down, sometimes hourly, due to the VAMS issue, and c) “at least one dose” looks a lot better for big events! You can track counts daily with us at our website, hawaiieventscoalition.com.

Speaking of confusing, in the time it took me to write this post, the numbers at DoH changed a few times. Which is why we update our home page in the evenings, when the gerbils running the state and federal databases are asleep.

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